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Station Details

  • Station Description

    The Tiburon water quality shore station is maintained by San Francisco State University. The station has been operational since 2002 and consists of both in-water and meteorological sensors. The in-water sensors are fixed to a pier and provide near-real time observations of water salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity and pH.

  • Location

    37° 53' 29" N, 122° 26' 47" W

  • Sensor Information

    YSI 6600v2

  • Available Parameters


    Sensor Depth
    Distance the sensors are below the water's surface. The sensors are in a fixed position attached to a pier, so depth also measures tidal range. (units = meters or feet)
    Water Temperature
    Water temperature at sensor depth. (units = °C or °F)
    Salt content of the water at sensor depth. (units = Practical Salinity Scale 1978)
    Phytoplankton pigment concentration at sensor depth estimated from fluorescence measurements. (units = µg chlorophyll L-1)
    The clarity of the water at sensor depth. (units = nephelometric turbidity units, NTU)
    Dissolved O2
    The amount of oxygen dissolved in water. (units = mg L-1 or % of saturation)
    Acitdity or alkalinity of the water at sensor depth. (units = -log[H+])
    The mass per unit volume of water. (kg m-3)


    Air Temperature
    Air temperature, measured 2 m above the ground. (units = °C)
    Wind Speed
    Velocity of wind measured 10 meters above the ground. (units = m s-1 & mph)
    Wind Direction
    Direction from which the wind is blowing, measured 10 meters above the ground. (units = ° or compass direction)
    Relative Humidity
    Amount of atmospheric moisture present relative to the total amount of moisture that the air can hold. (units = % of saturation)
    Total rainfall, snowfall, sleet... (units = mm of water)
    Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PAR)
    Measurement of light available to plants for photosynthesis [wavelengths 400-700 nm]. (units = µmol quanta m-2 s-1)

Water Quality Data Access

Water Quality data is available through our ERDDAP data server in a variety of formats including .csv, .xls, .mat and more.

There are three links to water quality data: the first link allows for quick access to provisional real-time data from the past few weeks. The second link provides the data archive for the current water quality station. The third link provides the data archive for the prior water quality station at the same location.

Conductivity, salinity, water temperature, turbidity, total dissolved solids, chlorophyll, pH, dissolved oxygen, and water depth data are available at a sampling frequency of 6 minutes.


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